Social Media is the platform where people can communicate to each other by creating, exchanging, or sharing their ideas in a virtual network. Most people are using social media to express their feelings in text. Most of the ML/DL models used these texts to determine the sentiments or to predict any criminal activities and many more NLP-related tasks. The ML and DL models are trained in traditional language, mostly English for any NLP-related task. …

INTRODUCTION: The older marketing options have contributed minimal in increasing the business of banks. Due to internal competition and financial crisis European Banks were under pressure to increase their financial assets. They offered long term deposits with good interest rates to the people using direct marketing strategy but contacting many people takes lot of time and success rate is also less. So they want to take help of the technology to come up with a solution that increases the efficiency by making fewer calls but improves the success rate.Portuguese …

Nipun Agrawal

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